Here you'll find infos, tips and help in the form of FAQs. feel free to e-mail us if you run into any trouble or need a question answered thats not in the list:
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The platform bases accounts on entire teams, not individual members. They consist of a customizable team website/profile and a set of logins for staff/trainers and for members and players. Your account has a public view aswell as a members only login area with tools to manage calendar events, news, media collections and reports for your team.
Of course! UPIA is open to anybody looking to manage team activities online. Our base services are completely free, and can be upgraded at any time to make use of extended features and options. Find out more on our info page!

Your team chat is provided by UPIA through the standardized and open IRC protocol - All you need is a compatible IRC client (there are many available for all operating systems and devices) and connect to the server "".

The name of your teams chatroom matches your team URL (the part after nach" with an # prepended (Example: -> #apaara_servers) - but feel free to create other channels or invite non-UPIA users. To protect your privacy we don't store or keep any logs on the chat servers.

Alternatively you can always access UPIA's web-based chat via

No. But you can use the groups functionality to split yout team into individual subgroups, or open multiple accounts.
Yes! We offer 24 months of running time per account for 5-50 licenses and offer custom features related to business and association use. Let us know which accounts you have opened or what functionality you're looking for. You can E-mail us at
We currently support the following sports and disciplines:
  • Aerobics
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Fistball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Canoe
  • Bowling
  • Acrobatics
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Track and field
  • Cycling
  • Gymwheel
  • Skiing
  • Ski-Jump
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Trampoline
  • Unihockey
  • Volleyball
  • Hiking
  • Watersports

If your sport is not listed, choose one thats close or similar to what you do and drop us a line at and we'll add the support for it. You can change your sports after signup and activation if required.

Your choice of sport affects various settings and customizes the application specificially for your sport by changing icons, available names of player positions, disciplines and score formats.
We currently support german, english, french and polish. We're furiously working on getting more languages added. Public content is currently collected, sorted and displayed by language.
You can sign up for UPIA using the "Signup" Link, where you will be walked through the initial account creation steps. Once your registration is complete you will recieve a e-mail containing a link for activation. During the activation process you will create a login for yourself and other administrators and a login for your members and users.Make sure to keep administrator and members access limited and secure. Once your logins are created you are ready to use UPIA.

Thanks to partnerships and contributions of selected partners the platform is freely accessible for everyone! They also enable us to work on new tools, services and functionality that will be freely available to all teams.

But wait - there's more! We offer a professional package for CHF 69.- yearly to power users, larger teams and organisations. Professional accounts are completely ad-free and feature additional widgets, third party services, and branding options. Your free account can be upgraded to a professional subscription any time.

Your personal data will be kept confidential and away from any third parties. Our terms of service require you to enter this data truthfully and correct, failure to do so can result in your accounts termination
Besides the type of card (e.g. Mastercard), number and expiration date we need your full name as printed on the card, aswell as your CVC/CVV2 number.
CVC/CVV stands for "Card Verification Code/Value" and is an important security mechanism for online payment. It verifies that the card is in the users posession and legitimates its transaction use. It consist of the last 3 or 4 digits of the number you will normally find on the back of your card, next to your signature.
Yes. although we recommend using dedicated cards for online shopping and business, we do our best to secure your payment data:
  • All data is transfered via SSL encrypted connections
  • We heavily encrypt all credit card data
  • Card storage ist firewalled and monitored
  • Access is restricted to 3 people
If none of your teammates has a creditcard, you can e-mail us for bank info if you need to pay by wire transfer.
You professional subscription will be automatically renewed. We will check your payment settings a month prior to renewing your licence, so we can let you know if something doesn't check out.

If your credit card data is validated we will renew you licence and charge you CHF 69.- the day before your account expires.

If we can't charge your card, your account will be set into free account mode. You'll be notified of this change and can renew/upgrade your subscription again if desired. Existing data and professional settings will stay intact.
You can choose your own URL in following format during signup: "" (Example: "").

Of course you're free to choose anonther name like uh.. ""). If the URL is still available you'll be able to access your teams page using that url after signup.
There are two ways to access your team's:

1) Direct:
You can directly access your team's pages and tools using the URL you set up during signup (for example

2) Login-Box: You can login from most pages using the login box in the top right.
Once your signup is complete you will recieve a e-mail with a custom activation link. This extra step ensures your e-mail is valid and entered correctly and we can get in touch with you. During activation you'll be asked to create two logins/passwords: one for regular users and one for your administrators account. Make sure to have all users added to the "members" section of your team's page. Make sure to keep access to the administrators account restricted, as it's able to change passwords, logins, design and payment settings.
There are two ways to access your team's tools:

1) Direct:
You can directly access your team's pages and tools using the URL you set up during signup (for example

2) Login-Box: You can login from most pages using the login box in the top right.
The system sends out the activation mails the very minute you finish your registration. Because it's automatically generated some e-mail systems might flag it as spam, so make sure to check your spam-folder. If you suspect your e-mail address was entered wrong or couldn't find the activation mail, contact us at and we'll sort things out and get back to you.
Click the activation link in your e-mail client or copy/paste it into a new browser window. The UPIA activation page should greet you personally and walk you through the final steps of creating the two logins:

The users login is shared between the members of your team, while your administrators account should be restricted to your personal use and only shared with authorized staff.
The logins make sure only authorized users can make changes to the entries and the content on the page. The UPIA system checks these access credentials each time a protected (members-only) page is opened and will prompt to login if needed. UPIA has two classes of access:

1. Memberlogin
The members (or users) login is used and shared amongst your team's regular members.

2. Administratorlogin
The administrators login is used by the owner and manager of the account and should be only shared with authorized staff. Users logged in with the administratos account can edit sensitive data and settings like ownership, payment and design/branding.
Login data can only be edited by the account owners and administrators. We currently don't support personalized logins for each team member, although we're working on this as a future optional setting.
Currently not, but we're always collecting and reviewing inputs from our community. Most recently added features are based on our users' ideas and suggestions, so feel free to let us know what you need! You are of course free to share the users' login with people outside your team.
No. We currently support two levels of access:

Members can edit pretty much anything, sensitive options like ownership, passwords and payment details are only accessible to administrators. Our experience has shown that team spirit usually wins and the shared password makes easier to manage and more accessible to the members of your team.
Once you have logged into your page/profile you should add all your team members and groups. You can do this on your own or ask you team's members to add themselves to the system. After adding your team members you can start adding events, photos and news to your team's page.
Yes! All settings except the team page URL can be edited in the "settings" section visible to anyone logging in with administrators' credentials.
Teampage URL changes have to be done manually, so shoot us a mail and we'll get that done for you.
Write us a e-mail at and we can freeze or delete your account but won't be able to refund running licenses. We hope to have you back sometime in the future.
Yes, you can add your logo and teampicture to the page by using the upload form in the settings page visible to administrators.
Professional accounts have many settings available to customize the design of your team pages: you can customize colors, backgrounds, border, shadows and much more.